Moving In and Making it Ours


The obligatory smart-ass welcome mat


Dougs office - the book wall begins


Dougs office - the desk wall


Dougs office - where the magic happens - cable mess to be cleaned later


Spare bedroom - the movie wall


Spare bedroom - the book wall


Entertainment center - the shelves are not deep enough for home theatre components so ponies and (even more) movies


Running the tracks for the home theater wiring. I use cable-ties to suspend the wiring under the track to get the distance correct.


Slide the covers under the cable-ties and snap onto the track.


Snip and remove the cable-ties and done :-)


The black cable is the HDMI cable. It is thick and not as flexible as the speaker wiring. It also does not fit well into the track with the speaker wiring. It will get its own track.


We opted to not cut the moldings and jump the wiring over it. The runs up the walls used a wider track so it all fit.


Rocketfish speaker holders. Solidly built until the last link that holds the speaker itself.


Monster banana plugs - highly recommended. Easy to assemble, strong connection to the wire without tools, and snug fit into the speaker and receiver plugs.


The storage shed a.k.a the outdoor library


This is likely to be nothing but Bundt and baking pans


The medium size vacuum storage bags holds 2 normal Bundt pans with a cheap dish towel between them. A stack of 2 bags fits comfortably on a shelf. 6 stacks per shelf. That should be enough for now and the rest of the year :-)


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