The Empty Lot - July 30, 2016


View from the road. The house will go just behind Ellen's car


Road from where the house will be - 250' back


The view back into the rest of the property - it goes about another 750' back


She's standing at 600' into the lot. We remember it was wooded but I didn't remember it being this densely wooded. Cool :-)


Looks like Holly - we're ready for Christmas all year 'round


Walking back to the center of the lot from 600' back.


The view from where the wooded area starts.


Where the house will be from the side of the lot


I'm standing on the property line. Just in front of the second orange road side is the realtor sign at the other side of the property.


There's a nice stand of mature pines that are spaced enough for a gazebo and a couple of picnic tables. Instant outdoor family gathering spot :-)


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