Wedding Memories

We got married in the house we rented to live in once we were married. We both did a fair amount of the catering (she baked and decorated our wedding cake) and pretty much all the decorating. We ended up spending the night before the wedding together in the house.

Her daughters both gave us grief about this and we assured them that there was so much left to do to prepare for the wedding there would be no time for anything else.

Sadly, we were correct.


We had held to tradition and I did not see her in her wedding dress until she was walking down the aisle. And she was radiant.


Looking at the picture of our fist kiss, I can *feel* that picture. Her eyes on mine leading into the kiss, our lips together, her hand on my face, curve of her hips through the dress under my hands. It still gives me goosebumps to remember how she felt at that moment.

Arms around each other as people changed around us for the pictures, I realized just how *good* she felt in that dress. Good enough that about 10 minutes after our first kiss, all I could think of was "how do we get all these damn people out of our house." Turns out she starting thinking the same thing at about the same time.

Always marry someone who thinks like you.


Every couple's wedding decision. Do we eat the first pieces of cake or do we make each other wear them??

I intended to be good, but knew I would follow her lead. I saw that look as she was cutting the cake and I knew what was coming.

I was still good. I held her piece up to her mouth letting her take a bite. But as soon as I felt her smushing the cake against me, I returned the favor.

And then gave her a big, cakey kiss just to make sure we were both evenly cake-faced :-)

I did manage to not get any on the dress.


Since we partially catered and decorated for our own wedding, we were exhausted by the time the last guest left. I finally got to unwrap my bride and she (and I) was tired. I told her we could wait until morning so we could both get some sleep. With her hands on my face, those beautiful blue eyes burning into mine she said "No. I want to make love to my husband on our wedding night." It was at the same time the most erotic and most loving thing anyone had ever said to me.


And yes, we did spend the next 3 or so weeks announcing to ourselves and each other things like "first time eating breakfast as a married couple" and "first grocery shopping as man and wife." We were giddy in love and it felt silly and wonderful and that we both starting doing it without realizing it made it that much more fun.