And if I live for 10 forevers
Here's a moment I'll remember
Just watching you in this crowded room
- Alice Peacock - If You Could See Your Eyes


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All the pictures










Cake by Ellen and friend - and it was YUMMY!!
























Kimberly and Trina




Greg and Doug wrapping the cooked roasts


Bill (married to Brenda)






Steve Snipes








Daisy and Timothy
















Brenda - Thanks for marrying us :-)




Brenda, Bill, Gabby, Connor




Connor, Jana, Gabby, Brenda








Connie and Mark (mom and son)








Biological siblings - James, Trina, Bud, Jana, Steve, Brenda






Carol and Flint














Joanie, Jesse, and Anthony Rogers, Sophia, Tiffany


































Last Minute Advice




















































































































The Grandkids


















This does not happen often :-)






















Doug loves his grandkids




























































































































I saw that look and knew what was coming...


That was supposed to be on my nose but I caught it with my mouth...


I started off nice...




But then - it was on...






Yes - we are still 12 at heart :-)








We got cake-faced at our recpetion. But it was okay - it was a home wedding so we did not have to drive anywhere!!














































































8x10's - Ready to Print












































































































































































































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