University of Phoenix Online Gradudation

June 30, 2001

It was my honor and priviledge to attend the June 2001 University of Phoenix Online graduation ceremony to watch my friends, and most importantly, my wife graduate.

Being a student in the online program myself, I know the hardships and sacrifices that all the graduates have endured and made. I'm proud of you all and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Pictures below are links to larger pictures.

Processional and Candidate Entrance

The room was abuzz with the conversations of the guests of the candidates. A hush fell over the room as the sound of bagpipes was heard through the closed doors. The sound grew suddenly louder as the doors were thrown open and the pipers played their way to the front of the room and took their positions for the rest of the processional.

My heart swelled with pride and happiness. Pride for all those graduating, but particularly my wife, Darleen. Happiness as I knew that Darleen was really hoping for pipers and I knew that her graduation wish had just come true.

While I wasn't in a position to photograph the candidates as they were handed their diplomas, I was able to see the expressions as they took their positions of honor at the front of the room. Strong emotions were present and clearly displayed - the most common being joy and dawning belief that this particular destination was finally reached.

The Ceremony

The ceremony itself was lead off by the usual inspirational speeches. The first by Anthony Digiovanni (first picture), President of the University of Phoenix Online. The second speech and introduction of other speakers was by Brian Mueller (second picture), Chief Operating Officer of the University of Phoenix Online.

These were followed by two wonderfully heartfelt speeches by faculty member Dianne V'Marie (third picture) and candidate Ron B. Tyson (no picture - sorry Ron). They both spoke from their own experiences with UoP and shared the gamut of interaction that can be attained during online education: humour, friendship, frustration, and finally, completion.

Graduated Lizards!!

From left to right: Cliff Nichols, Deb Balderrama, Pauline Campbell, Roger Lyons, Chuck Settle, Darleen Greenwald, Brian Schimelpfening, Georgia Ryle.

The picture above is a link to a LARGE version of the picture, suitable for using as a Windows background or screen saver. Your browser may not display the entire picture (mine doesn't), but if you download it and display it in image software, no one is cut off.

The Party!!!

Our hostess and host

The after graduation party was graciously hosted by Pauline and Steve Campbell at their home (brave couple). Here was presented the infamous cake and the even more infamous apron.

All kidding aside, the party was great and Pauline and Steve did an incredible job of feeding us and making us feel at home.

The California Debs

Both of the California Debs attended. First image is Deb B actually appearing to be shy, coy, and innocent. Second image are Deb B and Deb P selecting from the scrumptious eatables. Third image is Deb B and Deb P talking with Pauline - and I ask you - is that the face of someone who is truly shy, coy and innocent???

The Kilner Family

Pauline was even brave enough to invite some of her non-Lizard friends - Chris, Joanne and little Emily Kilner. The second three images are Darleen playing with little Emily in the pool. Does it show that she really wants a little girl??

The Settle Group

Chuck Settle, webmaster for the vastly helpful UoP Insights website, attended with his family. From left to right in the first 2 images we have Chuck himself, Tiffany Settle (oldest daughter), Madeline Settle (Chuck's mom), and Shellie Settle (Chuck's wife). In the third image we also have Lee Harrison and Janice Fleming, who were guests of Walter Frye's (of whom I failed to get a picture).

MISC pictures

Rounding out the images we have (from left to right, faces visible, all three pictures): William Berry, Pauline's father (talk about brave - inviting your parents to a Lizard party), Anita Berry (twice), Juraria (Ria) Holly (Walter's girlfriend), and Cliff Nichols with Steve and Joanne in the background.

U of Phx
Doug Greenwald