The (Former) Greenwald (Ohio) Zoo

Merlin Doberman-Shepard mix. Has figured out every possible way of getting in front of you, beating you to the bathroom, and climbing onto your head. Overly affectionate, terrified of thunderstorms (don't let him in the house while watching Twister), and dumb as a box of rocks.

Unknown musical taste - all music seems to scare him.

Merlin is the clown of the pets.
Smokie Thoroughbred Norwegian Elkhound. Getting older, wiser, and more sedate. Still a rawhide-consuming machine. Loves car rides. Lets Merlin get in trouble to distract us and steals his rawhides.

Likes showtunes.

Smokie is the brawn of the pets.
FuzzButt Domestic Cat. Doug hates this cat, alot - hence the name (Tracy brought it home unannounced so Doug got to name it). Fuzzy loves Doug. No one understands this. Fuzzy is incredibly cute, loud, and stupid. She falls off window sills and gets trapped behind blinds.

Likes Elvis.

Fuzzy's role among the pets is equal parts clown and general target.
Bandit Domestic Cat - we think. Bandit was the second pet (Smokie being first) and for a year, wouldn't come into a room with humans unless Smokie was already there. Aloof unless his ears itch. Looking directly into his eyes will turn you to stone. If human, Bandit would end up in a clock-tower with a rifle.

Likes Heavy Metal and some Alternative.

Bandit is the brains of the pets with aspirations to dominate the Earth.
Buffy Tracy's parents are the pround new parents of a blonde Cocker Spaniel named Buffy. She's small and utterly fearless. She thinks she's the cutiest puppy on earth (and may just be right) and becomes offended if anyone she sees doesn't pay attention to her.